T-Shirt Design

From 2010- 2011 I participated in Threadless.com’s t-shirt design competitions. I met professional illustrators from all around the world and learned a lot about clothing design.

Winter Buffalo

I created this design from a photograph I took in Yellowstone National Park. I really liked the contrast of the burnt trees and the buffalos walking through. I converted the image to vector art and placed it on a cream colored t-shirt.

Justin Bee Bear

Please “bear” with me on this extremely corny and punny design. When I had the idea for this shirt the musician/celebrity Justin Bieber had just skyrocketed to popularity, and I wanted to make a play on words with his name Justin Bieber = Justin Bee Bear = A Bear that is really popular with the “honeys” (bees).

I made this design to grab the attention of the Threadless Staff. After sharing this design, the CEO/Founder of Threadless and the official Threadless Twitter Account both “tweeted” about it.

The shirt was made in collaboration with Victor Calahan, a talented Art Director/Graphic Designer who lives in France (https://victorcalahan.wixsite.com/victor).