Easy Walking: E-commerce UX

Easy Walking Inc. designs, manufactures, promotes, and sells mechanical devices for walking rehabilitation. They are passionate about designing products and consulting clients to learn and re-learn the complex mechanical action of walking.  Easy Walking hired me for R&D and Website development for a new product. They are developing a new product for the health and wellness market, that branches out from their previous focus on purely rehabilitation devices.  The product is in early stages of production and cannot be shared due to pending patents. The product has finally launched!

A/B Testing

I designed two websites to A/B test between the Yoga and Meditation markets

Yoga-T Website Link

Meditation-T Website Link (shut down since there was less traction in this market)

My Responsibilities Included:

  • UX Design: E-commerce Website Wireframing
  • Business Strategy & Branding
  • UX Research: User studies and focus groups
  • Project Management:  Worked cross-departmentally with engineering, business, design, and marketing.