iPhone X: An Interaction Design Conversation

I sent out this Discussion Prompt to a few of my IxD colleagues:

Apple is a large catalyst for the field of Design rising in popularity. They emphasize the importance of design and push for engineering and design to work closer together.

Today they announced that with the new iPhones we will have AR and facial recognition at our fingertips! This will surely change the way we interact with our devices. What do ya’ll think?

What future or current apps, iPhone features, etc that you’re most excited about?

If you didn’t catch it here is a link: https://www.apple.com/apple-events/september-2017/


Alexa R.’s Response:

Alexa R.- “I feel really uncomfortable about robots recognizing my face and adding it to a database that state administration offices will be able to access at any time. And that’s where it will go, for sure.

…Well, instant login to many services would be nice, if it is not something really personal, like your finances or private messaging.”


Mike P.’s Response:

Mike P. – “I have a feeling we’ve seen the spiel for AR before – there’s even been some very successful apps like Pokemon. Is Apple able to bring other successful use cases or does it stay as a curiosity remains to be seen.”

Me–  “Yes it will be interesting to see what applications will come next. True, Niantic made a wildly successful Pokemon AR app already-there will surely be more to come. For example, MLB now has an app where spectators at the stadium can check statistics on the players from their phone.”

Mike P.- “Potentially yes but call me a cynic as I’m not convinced yet!”


Sita L.’s Response:

Sita L.- “Half of the features from the new iPhone seem to be similar to Samsung Galaxy S8 for facial recognition and the selfie character pictures. Is the new iPhone still continuing on without the headphones jack?

Samsung already had wireless chargers as an option”


Concluding Thoughts:

Whether we like it or not ya’ll we’re going to be designing experiences for the new iPhone 😉 I’d like to get a AR/VR project under my belt to add to the portfolio. The same design principles should apply as from previous UX work. There will be a lot of learning along the way.

Thanks so much for reading- Please leave a comment below!

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